March 12, 2009

Card games : Briscola (Windows) - 2.8mb

Briscola (Windows) - 2.8mb - Briscola is an italian popular trick taking game. This realistic Briscola card game is for four players in partnerships, one human and three computer players. It uses the DirectX engine for realistic screenplay and strong AI.

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Card games : BZAces / Busy Aces - 60kb

BZAces / Busy Aces - 60kb - Busy Aces is a freeware version of the Solitaire King 1.0. The object of the game is to move all of the cards to the foundation pile(s).

Mirror 1

Card games : Constitution - 80kb

Constitution - 80kb - Windows 3.1 card game Constitution.

March 06, 2009

Card games │ Poker Superstars 3

Take on new superstars and improve your Texas Hold Em skills!
Win 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista - 14.63 MB - 1 hr trial

$19.82 - Secure 128 bit SSL technology - Easy and safe!

Card games : 31 for Windows95 - 460kb

31 for Windows95 - 460kb - 31 for Windows 95 is a multiplayer card game that's just about average. Played with a standard deck of cards, it can be enjoyed with one human player against three computers, or on a network with real opponents. The object is to survive as many rounds as possible so that you're the only one left in the end. However, ties are possible.

Card games : Acey Deucy - 456kb

Acey Deucy - 456kb - Acey Deucey (a.k.a. Red Dog) is a popular simple card game played in casinos. Your goal is to guess whether the third card will be in the spread or not, and bet or stand on your ante based on your guess.

Card games : Arachnid - 80kb

Arachnid - 80kb - Demo. Arachnid is a card playing game.
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Card games : Big2 and Friends (Windows) - 117kb

Big2 and Friends (Windows) - 117kb - This game is currently freeware - I don't think any rules are currently included with this game download.

Card games : Black Dog - 45kb

Black Dog - 45kb - Black Dog Cribbage game for Windows. As intuitive to play as Windows Solitaire, you're sure to find it an addictive diversion.
Mirror 1 (150kb)

Card games : Bounty! - 150kb

Bounty! - 150kb - Vegas-style card games. filename:
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