June 11, 2009

Action games : Download 3D Dudes

Embark on a thrilling puzzle expedition in an ancient temple city. Your goal is to rebuild the timeworn ruins of El Dorado by solving a series of over 225 mind bending riddles. Gemsweeper combines fun puzzles, brilliant graphics and an engaging story into one unique, highly addictive game. Gemsweeper is easy to learn and does not require fast reflexes, but it will certainly put your brain to work.

Action games │Cubemaster Gold

Cubemaster Gold

Instead of being confined in a 10 * 20 drop zone with 7 shapes, Cubemaster is flexible beyond belief. Play Classic (10*20 with 7 shapes), Pro (16*24 with 14 shapes), Extreme (18*24 with 21 shapes) or why not construct your own with the 'Free' option. Cubemaster can be controlled with either keyboard, mouse or joystick, and all controls can be reconfigured. If you like Tetris but want something extra then Cubemaster is the game for you. Cubemaster comes with 85 backgrounds, 40 midi tunes, 15 different cube graphics, and even an earthquake effect... and a feeling that is unbeatable. Our concept is quality freeware.

Action games : Boulder Smash Tomato

Boulder Smash (100kb) - Boulder Smash Tomato is a maze game based on the classic Boulder Smash. Getting the game to work is quite involved, as you have to edit smash.txt. Once running the game is very simple to play.

Action games : BugWorld

Bugworld is a maze game, you have to move around the various mazes collecting the keys to open up other parts of the current maze you are in. Power ups are available to pick up giving more life energy and more amoo to blast the bugs with.

Bugworld 1.0 - 58.8K

Action games : Chub Gam 3-D Directors Cut

The nightmare lives on with a brand new release of the world's #1 freeware game. Chub Gam 3-D, the Directors Cut, strikes terror into even the most seasoned players with new levels, controversial cinema cut scenes, new characters, additional digital sounds, and more action than ever before. The story: Your Harrier Jump-Jet has crashed in a strange area. Your co-pilot is dead. Your only hope is to follow a voice you hear echoing across the foreign terrain. You are welcomed into Chub's castle, but what does he have in store for you? Encounter waves of enemies and weird characters. Not your usual 3-D corridor shooter! You are ready for anything with an immense array of weaponary at your disposal including: shotguns, machine guns, grenades, missile launchers, chemical weapons (Make sure you strap on the gas mask first...), and more. Requires 386-33 or better, DOS, VGA graphics, 4 MB RAM, 600K free memory, and Sound Blaster support. Windows 95/98 DOS Mode and Pentium I/II/III compatible. NOTE: Use the -d option if you decompress with Pkunzip to keep the proper directory structure. Thank you!

Click here to Download ChubGam 3-D: Director's Cut (4.83MB)

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